California. The birthplace of the biotechnology industry and home to the largest and most productive concentration of life science companies in the world.

Over the years, our focus has remained constant: discover the next great thing and turn it into a reality. While capital sources, scientific insights and models inevitably evolve and cycle, California innovates, adapts and continuously refines business models. With the world’s experts in life science and technology, California targets development and commercial strategies that drive success.

BayBio and Biocom, life science trade associations for Northern and Southern California together represent over 1,000 life science firms and research organizations across the state. We recognize that California is the birthplace of biotechnology and the undisputed leader in global research and innovation.

BayBio and Biocom continue to work together to support and promote the state’s life science and medical device community and help ensure that our elected representatives in Sacramento and Washington D.C., as well as the public at-large, understand the life science industry’s impact and importance for California’s future. BayBio and Biocom are extremely proud of the history of the biotechnology industry in California – an industry that is born here, built here, and best here.


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